Changeing Direction at D10 – Wealth Building 101 & Digital Blog

I have decided to revive my D10 Tech blog, but take it in a slightly new direction, making it into not only a place to be for all your “Digital” Needs, but also a place to learn tips and ways to build your personal wealth. Why combine such two different categories? Well they are more related now than ever before as technology is a key ingredient of wealth building . Take trading stocks as an example, not only can you do this yourself, but many of the stocks themselves are tech stocks, and you need to have an understanding of today’s Tech market in order to invest in companies like Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry etc. Not all tech companies make good investments and timing is everything.

For the Wealth building part of the blog, I will be blogging about not only ways you can save, earn extra income, investment strategies, but also my own personal 10 Year Challenge to retire. I have laid out my plan that I hope will lead to financial freedom for me and my family in 10 years. What is the difference between this blog and many others all over the net you ask? Well as I live in Canada, I have noticed that most of these other blogs, while they are great, and provide useful info, they are not Canadian. I decided to create a Made in Canada solution to help fill this void. That said, this will still be relevant to those outside Canada.

This was originally a tech blog, that includes gadgets to connect to the internet, and the Apps that make them rock, news about “Digital Currencies” like Bitcoin and how you can earn them, as well as making money in the “Digital world”, like blogging for example.  I decided not to kill this from the blog, and even though it will not be a focal point, it will still be present in the blog.

We are also redesigning the site to be more flashy, including new graphics, adding an online retail section, adding some ads (To pay for all this lol), and much more.

Most of the old posts have been removed except for a few that are relevant for the new direction we are heading in.

Earn With Bitcoin (BTC) – The Number 1 Crypto Currency

My Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet, Please consider making a donation for all the hard work I have done bringing one of the best guides to earning with BTC.

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Here is a simple guide to earn some spare $$$ With  BTC The virtual Currency of choice.

First you need a wallet for your BTC. I use CEX as it is not only a Wallet, but offers other ways to earn with BTC, like Trading a exchange as well as Cloud Mining program. Visit here first if you do not have a wallet –

Here is a list of faucets to help you earn some BTC. Most you can visit every 30 to 60 minutes. Click on the link below to open each faucet.

9Bitz Faucet
BTC Bissnes Faucet
Best BTC Faucet
Best Bitcoin Faucet
Free Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Barrel Faucet
Moon Bitcoin – (Every 60 Satoshi 5 Minutes or 550/ Hr) – Pays out Once you accumulate 5500 Satoshi.

Bookmark this page and comeback often as we continue to update this list.

2014 is a promising year for new Gadgets

From, Smart Watches, Google Glass, self driving cars, if you can think of it then its possible.  Here is a list of top gadgets for the year 2014.

Pebble Smart The smart watch that got funded by 85,000 Kickstarters. Technology feeding technology at its greatest. Starting from $150.00 This watch may just be smarter than you.

Kor Nava Hydration Vessel : This smart water bottle claims that it is the best choice for both your health and the environment. They claim that this bottles built in filter exceeds  the standards for chlorine taste and odor removal, while having non of the chemicals associated with regular water bottles.

Cintiq Companion : Make the world your studio. Now digital artists can enjoy more flexibility than ever, with the ultimate creative tablet from Wacom. Run your favorite creative software on this Windows 8 Tablet.

Apple ipad Air : Tablets have many uses from business to pleasure, from checking up on your stocks to seeing what the weather is going to be like tomorrow for your golf game. They are also entertainment devices that allow you to watch movies, or play games like Angry Birds.

Muse Muse headband made by Toronto-based InteraXon is a peek into the future of brain-sensing technology. While Muse won’t let you move your cursor by thinking or automatically play songs based on your mood (yet), it gives you a real-time measurement of your brain’s activity. So how does that assist you? If you are one of the many people who complain that they “can’t turn off their minds,” wearing Muse while focusing on your breathing (mindfulness meditation) or doing brain training games will assist you in improving your focus and give you an opportunity to see your progress.


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